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What is the show about?

Magobundo is a show about a globetrotter.The character is an old time circus performer, trying to survive his own time with as much dignity as he can.He is elegant, neat and tidy, but his used and worn out clothes show the reality of his actual situation.He uses recycled props, which makes this an unique show, because even though he performs classics of magic, his props are unusual things like trash bins, bread, ropes or left overs on used bottles.

“Somebody’s trash could be someone’s treasure”

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Máscara de capa3 Pequeña
Máscara de capa3 Pequeña

And who is Magobundo?

Magobundo is a wandering entertainer. He lives in the memory of his former success. He talks about his life experience, when fortune and success where his friends.A Circus performer who dedicated his time and efforts to Magic, and even though today his star is not as bright as it used to be, he still have hope to regain the success that made him so happy a few decades ago.That’s why he does and lives his magic effects with the passion of a dreamer, who hopes someone, one day, will believe in his talent…

For which kind of venues is this show?

It has been created to be done in any kind of venue.Mainly to fill the demand of good quality street magic shows, with a more elaborated theme.Trying to step aside of the usual magic shows that we can see everywhere today.

What about the technical requirements?

NONE!... for open air venues, we count with sound equipment of 150W, enough for large groups of 50 or more, where we can use microphone and music.For bigger groups, or theatres or evening shows, we do need the technical means where we can hook up a microphone and music player. Either a pendrive or an MP3 player.

Máscara de capa3 Pequeña
Máscara de capa3 Pequeña

Who actually is Magobundo?

I am Arturo el Grande. I have more than 30 years of experience on the stage.I have been an actor, Clown, dancer, leggy, spits fire and, of course, magician, which I have been doing exclusively since 2003, with more than 5 different shows created by myself.I have worked with: Port Aventura, Iberocruceros, Circo del Sol, antena3 TV and tve1 among many others.Also performed in countless galas and private events for international companies.

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